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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  March 11, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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yeah!!! badabopbopbopa!!! no? must be the honey!!! ♪ we're all in this together. ♪ when you recognize something isn't right, make the call to the veterans crisis line at 1-800-273-8255 and press 1. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning, everyone, it is wednesday. it is 5:00 a.m. it is raining. >> i am eric toll. -- eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. along with leyla gulen. meteorologist mike nicco has the weather.
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>> you can see some of the light rain falling with amendments up to .04", enough for a few puddles especially the low areas and where people drive like on the embarcadero and in san francisco. it look like a river when it rains. the steady rain new is moving through the heart of the east bay and into the south bay and here is a look at san jose, 101 and 880. you can see the light rain falling. the 12 hour day planner, light rain through the morning, and temperatures are mild and low-to-mid 50s and by anyone we have a chance of scattered showers and 60. it will be mostly cloudy by 4:00, low-to-mid 60 and dry by the evening hours. we mid-50s to low 60. right new is the best chance of any time of rain but it will be light. causing any problems, leyla? >> go have a serious action that -- accident that cleared. matt will have the details. it is quiet walnut creek
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southbound 680 with traveling in the southbound direction moving along without problems and northbound is clear and light. another look at san jose the drive at 87 near julian street is wet but slick. be careful. make sure you do not drive too fast this morning. >> thank you, leyla. breaking news: firefighters are on the scene of a two-alarm fire burning in san francisco near 24th and treat in the mission district. it break out at 4:30 half an hour ago. one person has been injured. we have a news crew headed there. our breaking news coverage is at twitter@abc7newsbayarea. all lanes of 280 are back open after a fatal crash overnight that happened after 1:45 this morning at the foothill expressway. two vehicles were involved. you can see the scene. one were was ejected and died.
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three northbound lanes were closed for 2 1/2 hours. officers investigated. there is in word the cause of the accident but it is believed it was raining at the time. >> in florida a search is on for survivors of a military helicopter crash. the chopper was carrying seven special operations marines and an army air. >> moments ago, a military official said the 11 service member are now presumed dead. they were traveling in a helicopter in heavy fog and taking part in a routine night exercise when the aircraft went down. search-and-rescue teams found debris. the cause of the trash is not determined. in was a dense fog advisory in affect. >> there was fog. i do not know if it was a tripping factor. when our search-and-rescue personnel arrived on the scene this was limited visibility.
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>> this happened at the air force base in florida panhandle. the helicopter did not issue distress call. a second blackhawk on the mission runs to the base safely. a military official said the crew of 11 is now " dead." >> if you drive on a bay area bridge, this affects you. transportation planners will consider moving forward with an idea to get rid of all toll takers and go completely electronic which is the case on the golden gate bridge. our reporter, amy hollyfield, is in the bay bridge toll plaza with the details. can you imagine blasting through the toll plaza and not having to wait for people to stop and pay? that is the vision. they are already doing this at the golden gate bridge and cameras take pictures of license plates and people who do not have a trans ponder get a bill
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and they get it in the mail. it would save money 8 cents a transaction and at the bay bridge it is hoped it will get rid of the backup on the weekend. >> paying cash at the bay bridge toll plaza slows down traffic for everyone and creates congestion. we want to make the whole system work to make sense for everyone. the down side? officials are getting complaints of the system at the golden gate bridge. people are saying they are fined before they are getting pilled so this would all be studied before the other bridges make the move. a committee will decide today whether to hire a consultant to study the possibility. they want to look at the possibility of doing this for all of the bay area bridges. the study would cost 500,000. thank you.
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>> authorities in france are sending a stretch of highway after 15 armed assailants made off with millions in jewel. they ambushed two vans carrying the jewels and threw out the drivers and drove off. they are combing the s area from paris and two vans were found burned. the jewels have fought been found. >> doctors medical center board will vote on $2 million deal to allow the hospital to make payroll next week for medical staff and prevent closure. last night the city council agreed to buy 2.5 acre part of the cam must that is a supplementary parking lot for a casino. san pablo is looking to see if it can afford to buy the campus for $7.5 million. doctors medical center has been running at a deficit each year of $18 million.
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a woman suing a silicon valley venture capital firm for discrimination faces more frost cross when she returns to the stand today. the lead attorney for klein and perkins grilled ellen pao about her work history and affair with a co-worker saying the two professed love and discussed having children. but the relationship soured and pao say she faced retaliation after ending the relationship while he was promoted. she claims she was denied a promotion because of gender bias. >> oakland is holding a meeting to talk about the environmental impact for the coliseum city proposal a continuation of the meeting last week because the information pocket wasn't finished. the commission will make a recommendation to build the new stadium in oakland if the raiders. the san francisco chronicle reports that alameda county supervisor believes the existing
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coliseum should be retrofitted and made into a football only stadium. the land would have the as build a bail only ballpark nex door and pitched the idea to the raiders and the until but it was shot down. >> drivers are feeling more pain at the pump according to aaa the average price if a gallon of unpleaded gasoline across northern california rose by 75ent whys in the last month. officials say the price change is related to refinery problems and supply. that includes an explosion at exxonmobil's refinery in torrance and limited production at the refinery in martinez. the average price for gas in the bay area is $3.41 and san mateo is most expensive at $3.47 and vallejo is cheapest at $3.35. dire earthquake warning for california from the agency that monitors earthquakes revised estimates for the big one. the agency said that the odds of
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8 earthquake striking in 30 years is up now by almost 50 percent. the new prediction is businesses on improved computer modeling and factoring a likelihood of more than one fault rupturing at the same time. >> we are told always to be ready. >> so we have a few years to move. >> to get ready. we have a section on our website about preparations. >> check it out. until then be represented for a slower commute because of the wet weather with the best radar inland east bay and moving into the central valley where the steady rain as we head behind the cold front, scattered showers. we will go from steady light rain up to .03" to scattered light showers for nothing. it is mile. low-to-mid 50s throughout our inland east bay neighborhoods until livermore at 57 and our cool spot this morning is calistoga and novato at 49, we have 55 in pinole the financial
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district and foster city and newark and cupertino and redwood city at 56. it is still wet in san rafael although the custody difficult rain is starting to pay per and 101 looking northbound is wet. in the afternoon hour clouds and nearly 60 and mostly cloudy inland and an the bay and 62 to 69 and light rain falling on the san mateo bridge on the east side looking toward san mateo. tomorrow, a turn around in the 70s away from the coast and 80's comic this weekend. the full seven-day forecast is coming up. leyla? >> 38 bart trains are on time and it could be the way to go to stay off the wed roads with the capitol corridor has if delays and ace train one and three are on time and we have construction wrapping up across the bay area with one project in berkeley traveling westbound on 80 you will not find any lane closures and plenty of traffic there as it moves beyond university avenue and towards the maze.
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the eastbound traffic is moving without any problems and further up 80 this is in vacaville a pickup slid off the road and wedged into a ditch and westbound 80 you find it and we are looking at delays both in the eastbound and westbound direction on 80 and 505 the drive is looking busy at this hour. if you plan to fly anywhere this summer expect plenty of company and the america's money report is next. >> pressure rose for uber lyft to improve ride are safe with demands from
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i better (just) silence this sizzle! the new philly cheesesteak and egg skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. covering los altos, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a look at the golden gate bridge you can see the bridge deck is wet with scattered light rain. mike will tell us where, on live doppler hd. >> lawmakers are calling on more accountability from ride sharing companies like uber and lyft with a group of congressional democrats calling on c.e.o.'s to conduct more comprehensive background checks to protect customers from sexual assault and calling on them to use
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fingerprint background checks and uber and lyft say their checking is safer than the new options. >> new information is coming from snow snow with the c.i.a. targeting apple devices for several years trying to break the encryption on the iphones and the apps they use. the report does future say how successful the c.i.a. has been but it sheds new light on the government's efforts to exploit any possible security gaps for intercepting personal information from our phone calls and e-mails. many of us at abc got to spend time at the professional business women of california conference in san francisco. we sponsored a booth with amy hollyfield and cheryl jennings emseed the event. this conference was formed by our congresswoman jackie speiers
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26 years ago to hope level the playing field for women. >> we node to have each other's back and this is what the conference is doing we have each other's back. >> rocket fuel is a great program on the peninsula to teach "stem," to young women. more than 5500 women attended. we got great nominations for abc stars, people in our community making a difference. thank you for those that attended. you inspired us. wall street starts the morning hopping to are race losses from a big sell off. >> here is the money report. >> good morning, everyone topping america's money, a bad day on wall street. >> the dow jones industrial average fell 33 points and opened below 17663 the worst
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drop in five months and wiped out all of the career's gape. >> 135 million americans will take flights this month or next, two million a day according to the spring flying forecast a 2 percent increase from last year including a record number of americans flying internationally. >> a sweet treat for nascar fans in phoenix. it is a deep fried we peanut butter and jelly sandwich with captain crunch cereals we and bacon bits and bananas and carmel sauce at 900 calories folks. >> love that! >> well let you eat that. you can afford the calories. >> i can look at it and gain a couple of pounds.
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>> okaaaay. >> you are disqualified. how little rain it takes to make the roads slick. >> did you have issues this morning? >> a little. >> wipers came on. >> if you take a turn at the normal speed -- you may want to slow down the car could jump sighways. good morning everyone make sure the windshield wipers are in good working order. we had light rain in santa clara about .01-.02". the dry air is keeping this from reach the ground and piling up. you can see los altos hills light to dark green. most of the bay area is dark friend until the north bay where it and more scattered.
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you can see the plume of moisture, the deepest is now around the monterey bay headed to 9 big sur and we are seeing it move through the central valley into to mountains. i wish this was an atmospheric river event. it is not. >> at the golden gate bridge if you look into the light you can see a little bit of light rain falling and a light breeze and not too much of a cross wind. you can see the east bay hills equal a as 1, in 900-2,000 feet and you can see under the clouds the mid-level moisture with finally it making to the ground. clouds clear and the fog will form tonight. it does not take much moisture. the little miles an hour we get will return in the form of fog with record highs possible this weekend. mid-to-upper 60s bay and inland and upper 50s to low 60
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along the coast and ten degrees cooler with mid-40s to around 50 degrees. the players on the map is the cold front that will push through this morning by the end of the commute the steady rain is over with scattered showers from mid-morning to mid-afternoon and as we head into the evening commute the drying and clearing begins and wake up tomorrow to the 40s and 50s and we rebound at the coast and mid-70 for the rest of us with the warmest weather on saturday, 70 at the coast and the let rest -- rest of us will reach 80. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is looking light but a few extra cars from the east bay to super bowl. we are not finding a collection of cars on either end but it is wet. the rest of the traffic, as you track weather and traffic that is showing the wet roads and rain falling, eastbound highway 37 with a brand new crash
5:21 am
involving a couple of pickup trucks and we are seeing a bit of a slow down approaching highway 121 and spending up to vacaville with the crash involving one pickup truck in an embankment and westbound 80 at cherry green road the travel along a is looking better than a few minutes ago and the rest of the drive up to the core dolia -- cordelia interchange, no change there. stay tuned. >> a little bit of cash this maine and a big dream could make this inn yours and a brand new career. >> stay tuned.
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>> whether you are just joining us or headed out the door, check out live doppler hd we have steady and light rain moving through the bay area with scattered showers for the rest of the afternoon. i will give you rainfall amounts and how much to expect moving forward. plus, record high temperatures this weekend in the seven-day forecast. >> two, it is a slick commute as we look at san jose 101 by the nimitz freeway and traffic is manageable and we had an early fatal crash on 280 but not sure if it is related to the wet conditions. be careful. it could be slippery. >> three, breaking news with a fail crash on northbound 280 that happened after 1:45 this morning with two vehicles involved. one person died at the scene. >> four, breaking news a military official said 11 service members are presumed dead after a helicopter crashed during a night training exercise at the air force base in
5:25 am
florida. pentagon officials say heavy fog may have been a factor. our reporter is gathering new details and will have an update in a few minutes. authorities in the south bay are cracking down on illegal gambling, federal, state and local agencies teamed up to raids restaurants. >> survivors gathered for a prayer vigil in asia after a quarter million japanese still live in temporary housing because of the tsunami. >> east bay mud is sounding the alarm on the california drought say the outlook is the worst in 40 years and it could consider a series of drought measures. e-bay mud supplies water to a million customers in the bay area. do you fancy yourself an inn
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keeper? all you need is $125 and penchant for the written word. >> the inn in maine is worth $900,000 but the donor is practically giving it away the house, land, everything, she won the historic hotel in an essay contest 22 years ago before. >> 17 hours day and serving up to 120 dinner as knit she is ready to hang up her hat and now is asking people to write a short essay of why they want the inn and submit that along with their $125 check. we she specifics 7,500 entries that will come to $1 million for her retirement. what a grand idea. >> is the money refundable if you do not get the i >> please!
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yoplait. with a smooth and creamy taste your whole family loves. don't miss yoplait's exciting new flavors -- creamy caramel and cookies 'n cream. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:29 on this wet wednesday. thank you pore joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. leyla gulen is were watching the traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. >> use the windshield wipers and even if it is not raining where you are as movie of us are seeing the rain
5:30 am
now, it is still wet. the peninsula shows clouds only around sfo and and san bruno. we will transition to scattered showers by noon. dry from 4:00 to 7:00 and drop from the low-to-mid 60s to mid-50s during the orange morning. >> people were patting me right and left doing eighth and 90 miles per hour. >> can you not do that in this weather and we are seeing the result of wet conditions and driving too fast. we saw a picture of sfo a moment ago and right near there we have an overturned taxi in the northbound direction of 101. berkeley drive along i-80 is loading up. you cannot go 80 miles per hour there. that is good. at the bay bridge toll plaza, it
5:31 am
is loading up. metering lights are not on just yet. >> more now on breaking news from 4:30. an investigation is under way into a fatal accident at 280 much matt it was wet at the time? yes, we had on again off again showers that are starting up again here. investigators do not believe the wet weather was a factor in the crash. the video of the accident scene on northbound 280 north of the foothill expressway on-ramp with the crash reported after 1:45. two vehicles were involved both with only drivers. the car hit a center divide with a lot of debris on the scene. the driver of the dmw was eject asked died at the scene. the driver of the honda an adult male had no injuries. three northbound lanes were closed nor 23 1/2 hours -- for 2
5:32 am
1/2 hours. two cars were towed l is no evidence of drugs or alcohol but the coroner is expected to do tests on the driver. a recovery mission is underway right now near the florida panhandle where a military helicopter crashed. seven marines and former four army national guard soldiers are missing and presumed dead. >> debris was spotted in the water this morning and everyone on board is presumed dead. the cry was taking part in a special operations training mission over a stretch of beach at the air force base in the florida panhandle. it is a routine mission in a blackhawk helicopter. pilots usually wear night vision goggles. the aircraft was reported missing last night. there was dense fog in the area where they were flying.
5:33 am
>> there was fog. i do not know if it was a contributing factor but our search-and-rescue personnel arrived there was limited visibility. >> names of those on board have not been relieved and the marines were from north carolina and the army mights and crew froms national guard in louisiana. the cause has not been determined. a second helicopter participating in the same freining mission made it back safely to the base. authorities hope a major raid will help crackdown on illegal gambling in the south bay. the f.b.i. and state and local agencies launched raids on 11 vietnamese bars and cafes in san jose last night. they targeted illegal gaming operations. authorities say most locations are near tully road and the gambling led to violence including a possible homicide. 100 gambling machines were confiscated and dozen were
5:34 am
detained for questioning. >> today enter faith clergy rally in super bowl to demand just for a 21-year-old shot and killed by police two weeks ago with a news conference in support of the man. two officers shot perez-lopez for coming at them with a 6" my. he was trying to problem a bicyclist with the knife on folsom street and community members have defended him saying he emigrated from guatemala for a better life and did not deserve to die. >> albany police are investigating the murder of a 37-year-old student at ucfs. randhir paul was found dead in her apartment on monday. the 37-year-old was in the last area of school at ucfs school of dentistry and found in a pool of blood with a bullet casing. neighborhoods her a gunshot on sunday but no one reported it because they did not realize
5:35 am
what it was. >> we learned of this. it is shocking news. this is a very safe neighborhood. i am surprised to hear it. >> police have not said whether they have a suspect. no one has been arrested. the city of berkeley will require liquor stores in certain areas to have surveillace camera as part of an effort to reduce climb. the or unanimous was approve -- the ordinance was approveed. and the stores must have cameras in working order after two homicides at liquor stores in 2013. >> there is a proposal to lay off teachers and increase class side. the public is invited to weigh in. parents and teachers spoke out last night against the cuts at a hearing. the district is facing a $2 million deficit. the board is considering a 4 percent pay cut for teachers and increasing classroom side to 31
5:36 am
students for each teacher so 17 positions could be eliminated. >> why understand how we can be getting more money, and we are so far in the hole? how does that happen? >> if the board approves this they have to notify the teachers by the end of the week with the meeting tonight at 7:00. >> transportation officials will decide whether to pay increase a study on eliminating toll takers at the bay bridge and six other state-owned bridges similar to what is already being done at the golden gate bridge. cameras take picture of the license plates so those without trans ponders get a beale in in -- a bill in the mail and would save eight cents per transaction. >> the largest water agency has second thoughts of a rate hike in the face of the customer outcry. officials with the santa clara
5:37 am
water district suggested reducing rate hike from 31 percent to 19 percent working if the age adjusted the transfer of funds for seismic repairs on the dam and left staff vacancies open. the board will make a final vote on the increase in may. now the weather forecast and live doppler hd showing where the rain is. mike? >> the back edge of the teddy light rain is richmond through emeryville to oakland and across to millbrae and across the san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge and into the south bay where we have the steady rain and moving into the higher elevation around the sunol grade. if you are to the north 49 in novato and everyone else is the low-to-mid 50s and we are 5- to 10-degrees warmer and low-to-mid 50s into the south bay and san francisco and half moon bay, and san francisco brentwood, fairfield,
5:38 am
homogenized air mass. at 280 and 17 light rain is falling in the south bay and in the afternoon we will have mostly cloudy conditions with the shower fading rapidly as we head to 4:00 and 5:00. up to 62 at the coast and the bay we top out at 62 to 69. in walnut creek, 680 the steady rain is letting up here and, still, very slick as it will be through the morning commute and leyla will have more on that. warming trend nearly 80 on saturday away from the coast at 20 and sunday the forecast is coming up in a second. leyla? >> here is a look at the richmond-san rafael toll plaza with clouds gathering in the far right hand lane and it is wet, you can see the headlights glistening off the wet pavement and we do have problems across the bay area pause of the wet conditions. we have spinnities and an
5:39 am
spinouts. expect delays near millbrae avenue with an overturned taxi on its roof. possible injuries involved. in pacifica northbound highway 1 there is a solo spinout with in delays. it is early. expect to see activity traveling through pacifica toward daly city and the southbound direction another vehicle is down the embankment with the details in a few minutes. hillary clinton tries to come clean about the growing e-mail scandal and she said it is not as bad as it looks. >> that is what life is about we are put here to make life better for others. >> a bay area man doing that with a big surprise for the "cost key --
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covering los altos antioch petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good wednesday morning. hillary clinton is speaking out about her decision to use her
5:43 am
private e-mail to conduct government business when she was secretary of state. hillary clinton said looking back the actions were a mistake but rejects accusations she created a security risk or violated the law. she spoke publicly about the controversy yesterday saying during her four years as secretary of state she exchanged 60,000 e-mails, half work-related e-mails. >> looking back it would be better to use two separate phones and two e-mail accounts. i thought using one device was simpler. obviously it hasn't worked out that way. no e-mail exchanges she said contained classify information. >> ferguson missouri, got rid of another city official after reports that detail alleged racial bias in the police department and court system. the latest official to go is city manager john shaw who can make personnel and policy changes in the police department.
5:44 am
he said the office never instructed the believe to target african-americans. last week the city clerk was fired and two police officers resigned. the shooting death of an unarmed black man by a white police officer set off this. >> and a man involved in a racist chant at a leading university has issued an apology calling it "wrong and reckless." they led the chant over the weekend and was caught on camera. the university cut ties with the sigma alpha epsilon and ordering the house to be shut down. >> two singers are expected to appeal a jury's decision ordering them to pay millions for stealing parts of another song. a jury if los angeles awarded the children of the late marvin marvin gaye $7 million after running the robin thicke and pharrell
5:45 am
williams was too much like a song of marvin gaye "got to give it up." williams said he did not use the music to create the song. >> a costco worker who puts a smile on people's faces had the tables turned on him yesterday. >> anybody got a kleenex? >> we are at costco... >> yes, they got kleenex there. customs at the san ramon store learned that he had kidney cancer that spread to the bones and doctors say he could have 2 1/2 years to live and he has multiple sclerosis. a group calling them "angels," presented them with a beach get away hotel, gas and spending money included. he and his wife do not have kids but he spoils the shopper children by drawing flowers and monkeys on the back of receipts. >> all of this attention on me has done anything for having
5:46 am
bone cancer, and ms, i would like to send that forward and turn it around and use that to raise funds for the children's children. >> a viewer like you told us about him. if you have a news tip e-mail us or call the us at or twitter@abc7newsbayarea or facebook. >> that is great. >> kids actually beg their parents to go to that costco so he can see him and get flowers and monkeys on the receipt. >> good guy good guy. well done. >> and live doppler hd shows sycamore valley and diabolo
5:47 am
merge, you can see a shower. we this is stretch down to...the middle school. elsewhere through the east bay hills along 24 and up 680 to concord and highway 4 light rain is stretching to hayward and down to dumbarton bridge and the south bay and this is the last pump of the steady rain this morning and you can see very height rain right new on the san mateo bridge letting up, quickly and in san francisco after a couple of rain showers that left .0 1" not much is left. it will be mostly cloudy by the evening commute with clouds clear so fog will warm
5:48 am
still looking at record highs possible this weekend. as far as today, mid-to-upper 60s around the bay and cooler loop the coast at 58 at bodega bay to 62 at half moon bay and warmer at santa cruz at 66. tonight is cooler than this morning with upper 40s to low 50s an the bay shore and the coast and mid-to-upper 40s inland and watch out for the fog it will be thick in some spots. a couple of areas of high pressure sending the best energy to the north and most of this moisture is in the middle and upper parts of the atmosphere and it took the better part of the night to mike through the when the sun comes up we will see the elevated plume of moisture dry out and that is why by 9:00 the rain will be over and just a few scatters showers.
5:49 am
the seven-day forecast shows high pressure coming in and back to mid-to-upper 60s and 70 by saturday and mid-to-upper 70s bay and inland tomorrow and friday and 80's over the weekend. have a good one. leyla gulen? what are you tracking? >> we have problems because of the wet roads and san rafael is quiet but it is still slick as you travel 101 southbound these are the headlights and some the waldo tunnel across the golden gate bridge that is the drive looking light in materials of traffic and you can still see the headlights glistening this problem near sfo and at millbrae avenue involving a taxi that is overturned and on its roof. those are the situations you want to be careful of and as we traffic the weather and traffic you can see where the green is shaded it is an indication of wet conditions. in pacifica northbound highway
5:50 am
one at manor drive a solo spinout and a vehicle down an embankment. i will have the details if a couple of minutes. >> now the breaking news. in san francisco, this is first video just in to the abc7 newsroom a fire crew is on scene of a two-alarm fire in the mission district that break out near 24th and treat at 4:30 this morning. it is knocked down. we understand at least one person has been injured. that was a residential building that burned. we have an abc news crew on the scene gathering new details with a report in a few minutes. plywood walls and bad dry operated lights and a sofa, a hidden hide out a bank robber used to elude police for areas. >> doctors are warning parents of other drinks that they may not know are justify as bad as
5:51 am
soda. >> alternative to lethal injection that a state is considering to execute death row inmates and why some say it is barbaric. stay tuned.
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5:53 am
do you give your kids too many sugar drinks? if you say no, think again. many are giving their kids drinks with a lot of add ad sugar without knowing it. parents are tricked by labels that make them think fruit drinks and flavored drinks are healthy but the added sugar is
5:54 am
more than 10 percent of total calories the drink is actually not a good option. the bumper -- bunker of the most wanted bank robber has been found in suburban seattle. bradley steven was on the run for five years but was finally caught last summer. investigators now are pouring over the things stashed in the bunker and they believe evidence of more crimes could be hidden inside. >> a bay area teen can boast this morning that he is one of the brightest young scientists but he is probably not the boasting time. >> 17-year-old has won a first place medal. he identified human jean mutations to understand the cause of we disease coming with a $150,000 prize for the gene
5:55 am
study. >> another student 17-year-old from san ramon won one of second place awards worth $75,000. >> meteorologist mike nicco, does well too. >> good people. good tools. the steady rain is moving into the south bay with scattered light showers and this is going to move into the high country and turn into snow. not a lot. 49 in lake tahoe and mid-to-upper 60s in chico and sacramento and fresno is 71 and low-to-mid 70s san diego and only 85 in palm springs. for lake not much accumulation snow and anything that melts in the record heat. we have experienced a few accidents and possibly the rain was a contributing factor and now the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights just
5:56 am
turned on and traffic is slowing down a bit as you come in from the east bay involving an overturned taxi, northbound 101 at millbrae and 509 separate accident behind it taking you into solano that slid off the roadway and the green is an indication of where we have wet conditions. happening today three new chicks join the penguin colony in san francisco. they were hatched last year after several months of borning behind the scenes and they have learned to swim and eat fish to be prepared for joining 14 other adult birds. they are asking the public to vote for a name for the chicks. get your creative juices flying and the winners are announced march 25.
5:57 am
9 california college on the hunt for a peeping tom. >> new details on the next iphone, apple insiders are revealing the one big feature you should expect the next generation smartphone. and weather and extra where you live through the break and where you commute backed up pretty far back and hail has wh [prof. burke]
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. live doppler hd is tracking showers hitting the bay area right now. meteorologist mike nicco will tell us how long the wet weather will stick around. >> and the impact on the morning commute. breaking news a blackhawk helicopter crashes in florida and a dozen marines and soldiers
6:00 am
are presumed dead. what may have played a role. >> and this morning scientists say california is more likely than ever to get hit by an 8.0 earthquake or larger. good morning. thank are for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> leyla gulen is here with remark and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather forecast. >> all about mother nature. earthquakes. rain. no other concerns. live doppler hd shows the rain and the better radar runs are slipping through the eastern part of danville and around blackhawk and shadow creek and you can see we are transitioning to scattered showers for the peninsula and into the north bay and that will be the case moving forward but we still do have san


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